Time to dust this blog off…


A lot has happened in the 2 1/2 years since I’ve written anything of any consequence to this blog. In that time, I…

  • left a marriage that was sucking my soul dry
  • moved into my own apartment
  • got a whole new life–church, interests, friends
  • worked (at the same job–one of the few things that did stay the same)
  • travelled a bit
  • met a wonderful man (in the course of my travels)
  • married Mr. Wonderful ❤

Among all the above, I still managed to find time to pursue my creative interests. I did a lot of knitting and spinning and not so much photography.

One of qualities on my wish list for Mr. Right was that he have a creative side. Mr. Wonderful does not disappoint! He enjoys writing, music (piano and guitar), and videography. With my encouragement, he’s also starting to dabble in still photography. Being around another creative soul encourages me to make more time for my own creative pursuits. Being a creative himself, he gets that need and desire to create. Sometimes we’re creating together–other times, separately. Creating makes us happy, so we make it a priority. 🙂

As you can tell from my last post, I’ve once again picked up my camera and have taken it with me on our weekend outings. My goal is not to shoot as much as I can, but just to shoot at this point. I’ll be posting more pics from those outings, so stay on the lookout for them. I also plan on sharing more about what I’ve been up to in my knitting and spinning pursuits. Other times, I’ll just be waxing philosophical about my creative process.

Looking forward to what’s ahead… 🙂


About Heather

I am a hobbyist photographer who dabbled in photography on and off from the time I was a teen, but started getting more serious about it in the late summer of 2007 when I signed up for a photography class through the Community Education program at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida and really got to understand how cameras really work--the rest history. Being a spiritually-minded person, I'm always looking for ways to integrate that with the rest of my life, including photography.

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