In the air and on the road…


Tomorrow morning, I’m headed off to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee to spend some time shooting, hiking, and relaxing with my parents for about 10 days. From Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon, Dad and I will be participating in a photography workshop led by Bill Lea at the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, where we’ll be sharpening our skills in nature photography, including landscape, macro, and wildlife. Other than the general photography classes I’ve taken at the local college, I really haven’t had any other formal training; this will be my first workshop. For the time before and after the workshop (until May 2), Mom, Dad, and I will be exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on our own.

Since both GSMIT and the campground that we’re staying at have internet access, I’ll be taking my laptop computer loaded with Lightroom so I’ll be able to edit my images day by day. As I have time, I definitely plan on sharing some of the new things I’ve learned from the instructors, as well as pictures here and on my Flickr page.


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