So what is a lightbox, anyhow?


You may be wondering how in the world I came up with the “lightbox” in this blog’s title. In the photography world, a lightbox most commomly refers to an open shallow box containing several lightbulbs topped by translucent piece of plastic or glass. It is used with slides (and a slide loupe) to illuminate them for viewing by a photographer. While I use some film, that really wasn’t the inspiration for my lightbox. The inspiration actually came from a posting (maybe even more than one) on one of the photography forums that I’m a part of where the poster referred to the camera as a “lightbox”–a box with a sealed back and a hole in the front that allows light to hit exposed film (or a sensor in the case of a digital camera), the most simple example of this being a pinhole camera. Even though my cameras have a lot more bells and whistles on them than the lowly pinhole camera, the same concept stilll applies in that I use all those buttons and dials to help me control the light that comes into my “lightbox”.

The idea of light also carries a spiritual conatation to me, as well. If you’re familiar with the creation story as outlined in the Bible , God created light on the first day and saw that this light was good (Genesis 1:4a NIV). I John 1:5 says that “God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” This created light allows me to create images which will hopefully inspire and bring light into the spirit of those who look at them.

This flower couldnt have been any bigger than a dime.

This flower couldn't have been any bigger than a dime.


About Heather

I am a hobbyist photographer who dabbled in photography on and off from the time I was a teen, but started getting more serious about it in the late summer of 2007 when I signed up for a photography class through the Community Education program at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida and really got to understand how cameras really work--the rest history. Being a spiritually-minded person, I'm always looking for ways to integrate that with the rest of my life, including photography.

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  1. I have been a professional photographer all my working life……I’m now 66 and am semi retired…………Your blog interested me from the spiritual pov. I was a candidate for the episcopal ministry, and studied theology at university and through other venues.
    But I slowly, as in 10-15 years, came to see that there was,in fact, nothing to my faith at all.
    There is no god, and belief in a theological or religious faith is partly from fear, and more from self delusion. Once you see that, you can’t believe how you didn’t see it way earlier…but that’s how we are I guess.
    So. That’s who, and what I am. I am indeed a spiritual person, but not one who needs “god” as described in human terms at all….that being has no existence whatever. And there is an astonishing level of freedom in seeing that. So, that’s all for now…Regards, Bob

  2. Bob,
    I appreciate your thoughts–I guess we’re going to have to agree to disagree on the God thing. While my spirituality and faith are very important to me, that’s not the entire purpose of this blog. I’l share my thoughts as appropriate, but winning people over to my way of thinking isn’t really the purpose of this blog. No matter what anybody believes or doesn’t believe about God, we are all spiritual beings and if by paying more attention to our spiritual side helps to become better photographers and people, then that helps make the world a better place to be. 🙂


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